The Only Facial Experience

We Only Offer One Facial, No Upsells or Tips.
The Only Facial


Our Signature Facial consists of several steps customized to your unique skin type and concerns.

60 Minutes

  • 1


    We will cleanse your skin whether you’re still wearing your day's makeup or not, please come as you are!!!

  • 2


    We will tend to your brows whether you’d like a full tweezed arch or “just a cleanup”. Your aesthetician will discuss your preference.

  • 3


    A gentle blade removes vellus hair and dried dead skin cells. This leaves the skin “baby smooth” and allows for deeper penetration of home products.

  • 4


    Using vacuum pressure and a coarse-tipped wand not only exfoliates the surface deeper but also stimulates collagen production and increases circulation.

  • 5

    Chemical peel/enzyme exfoliation

    We will select the appropriate chemical peel/enzyme exfoliation. This will help minimize pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. It will also help soothe scarring and any discoloration.

  • 6


    Our massage increases circulation, improves skin elasticity, and stimulates collagen production. Added bonus - it is very relaxing.

  • 7


    From milia (whiteheads) to comedones (blackheads), we are trained in safe removal to not scar the skin.

  • 8

    LED Light Therapy

    LED light stimulates collagen production, calms the skin and provides anti inflammatory benefits.

  • 9

    Microcurrent/high frequency 

    We use microcurrent to tighten the skin and provide lifting, brows look higher, and uncover a youthful appearance.  When we want to quiet acne breakout and prevent future activity, high frequency is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial modality that always competes!!

  • 10

    Treatment Mask

    We choose from many options according to the needs of your skin.  Acne clearing, hydration, calming, we have a mask to address all skin conditions.

  • 11


    Addressing the delicate eye area with appropriate hydration along with a final layer of sun protection to get you on with your day!!

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The Teen Facial

A shorter version of our Signature Facial, specifically designed to combat the problematic skin that can often accompany the pre-teen and teenage years.

45 Minutes

woman getting face rubbed

Buff and Polish

Do you have a big event coming up? Stop in between routine facials for a quick exfoliation and glow! Our Buff & Polish consists of a dermaplane treatment followed by a facial massage.

30 Minutes