Previously, we began to discuss Accutane and what it is and how it works. We covered it as a prescription only retinoid that limits oil production and is taken as a pill over the span of a few months. In this second part, we will continue discussing Accutane treatment, what it entails, and its potential side effects. 

While Accutane and its dosage is tailored for each patient based on various factors, there can still be some adverse side effects and risks associated with it. A few common ones include dry skin, chapped lips, dry eyes, and nose bleeds. More serious though less common side effects include mood swings and liver damage, so it is important to have frequent check ins while on medication. 

Given these factors and the supervision associated with it, Accutane is a powerful medication that requires medical consultation for. While it can be highly effective, especially when other treatments have not worked, it is critical for you to consult a dermatologist first whether Accutane or other acne treatments are best for you! 

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