The Reason Why The Only Facial is The Only Facial You Need

At The Only Facial, we offer one facial customized to your unique skin type and concerns, but if you’re like most people you may not realize the science behind the process. It’s the reason walking into a traditional spa can be confusing - do I need a chemical peel? Or an antioxidant treatment? Most people are left scratching their head. It’s our pleasure to demystify the process and explain the science behind our Signature Facial. Where some might draw power from confusion, we provide you with the knowledge and tools to best care for your skin. No games or tactics here. cell-turnover-skincare-tips-the-only-facial The Only Facial Science: Cell Turnover Did you know that your skin produces new cells every month? When it comes to achieving the complexion you’ve always wanted there is nothing quite as important than cell turnover. In theory, new skin cells should travel from the lowest layer of your epidermis to the top layer every month, where they then shed off to reveal healthier, younger, ‘glowing’ skin. So what’s the problem? As we age, our skin cell renewal slows down, and we begin to build up dead skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, and pigment inconsistencies are often directly caused by this build up of dead skin cells. And dead skin = dull skin. That’s why the first steps in our Signature Facial are focused on gently removing that first layer of dead skin that isn’t sloughing off as fast as it should be. Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning is our first step, and involves a gentle scraping to the surface of the skin that removes those little peach fuzz hairs and surface dead skin cells. Benefits include deeper product penetration, smoother makeup application, good physical exfoliation, & more. Microdermabrasion: Next up in Microdermabrasion, a physical exfoliation using a course tipped wand that utilizes vacuum pressure to remove dead skin and promote cell turnover. Benefits include stimulated blood flow to the surface and reducing the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and scarring. Chemical Peels: Chosen for you by your aesthetician to target your specific needs and goals, Chemical Peels do the heavy lifting to loosen the last bit of dead skin cells still stuck to the surface of your skin. Benefits include the ability of the treatment to heal discoloration and scars by going even deeper than physical exfoliation to shed the layer of dead skin and promote healthy cell turnover. Moisturization: After we remove the build-up of dead skin cells it’s time to pack your skin full of moisture through the power of facial massage. Moisture and massage go hand-in-hand to achieve that healthy glow. Massage: A good facial massage reduces stress, minimizes fine lines, and increases blood flow to the surface of your skin where cells get the nutrients that they need to function properly. This massage is about much more than relaxation, as it not only promotes healthy cell processes but also works to retrain the muscles in your face that can form fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

Other Treatments: Masks, Machines, and more.

From Microcurrent to Red LED, the rest of the treatments are chosen by your aesthetician according to your unique skin type and needs. Extractions refer to the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore using an extraction tool or fingers to push out debris imbedded in the skin. Although not needed for everyone, used effectively extractions can help clear up acne spots and congestion and smooth out the texture of your skin. Microcurrent: Microcurrent employs the use of low current electricity to stimulate facial muscles and target the signs of aging directly. This treatment is one of our most popular due to its ability to instantly lift and firm skin - disrupting smile lines, crows feet, and other problem areas that come from age, genetics, and even sun damage. High Frequency: High Frequency Treatment uses low current electricity to increase circulation and zap bacteria in breakouts so they don't spread or inflame. During treatment, your aesthetician will glide a wand over the surface of your skin where electrical magic then takes place. Benefits include decreased inflammation and advanced healing of acne lesions. Red LED Light Therapy: This painless, non-invasive skincare treatment stimulates collagen + elastin, reduces inflammation and targets oil production. If needed, your aesthetician will glide the light over your face and neck to send light waves deep into your skin and trigger natural intracellular reactions.

At Home Tips to Elongate the Cell Turnover Process

In order to keep your skin cells turning over at the optimal rate, we recommend scheduling routine facials every 4 to 6 weeks - but what can you be doing at home in between facials to keep your cell process healthy and humming along? Give your skin a boost every day by massaging in cleansers and moisturizers into your skin for at least 60 seconds. Not only are you giving key ingredients a chance to get below the surface of the skin, but you’ll also enjoy all the benefits of a facial massage including increased blood circulation and the ability to target and re-train muscles that might be to blame for fine lines, wrinkles, and pigment inconsistencies. We also recommend using at-home products that speed up cell turnover like Retinol (link to Retinol blog) and AHAs to keep your skin glowing and healthy in between facials.

The Only Facial is The Only Facial You Need.

And there you have it, the science behind our Signature Facial and why it’s important to keep your skin cells turning over at a healthy pace if you want to achieve your biggest skin goals. Everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin, and it’s our privilege to help get you there. Message us and make your appointment! [gravityform id="1" title="true" description="true"]