Previously, we began to discuss retinol and its various benefits. We talked about how it helps promote cell production while discarding damaged skin. In this second part, we will continue discussing retinol, what it is, how it works, and how it is used.

While retinol can provide great benefits, getting started can be a process. Many report initial redness or peeling as the skin adjusts, so careful application is key. If you are new to retinol, begin with a lower concentration and allow your skin to slowly build tolerance.

Any retinol you use should best be applied at night time after a thorough cleansing and right before using moisturizers. Retinol also makes you more sensitive to the sun, so on the daily utilize sunscreen to protect against any damage. Through adding retinol to a consistent skincare routine, it can offer great benefits in promoting healthy skin and a fine complexion!

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