Having excessive acne can be difficult, and the scars afterwards can leave a deep imprint and new challenges. Acne scars are the result of the skin’s attempt to heal its damaged tissue, leaving behind a mark. In this article, we will discuss the two primary types of acne scars and how to identify them.
Atrophic scars are indentations on the skin, commonly the face and neck area. These are subcategorized into three common types, boxcar, rolling, and ice pick scars. Boxcar are identified with sharp, defined edges. Rolling scars give the skin an uneven appearance, like a wave. Ice pick scars are deep and narrow.
The second type of scars are hypertrophic, which lead to a raised or thickened area. These are most commonly found on the back and chest. Caused by an excess of collagen production, these scars can be itchy and lead to levels of discomfort. There are various treatments for acne scars, though knowing the type and severity of the scarring is a strong start in the healing process.
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