woman getting face rubbed

Previously we began discussing sunscreen and its importance in your skincare routine. We went over the different types of UV rays and how regular sunscreen application has been linked to reduction to risk for skin cancer as well as aiding in anti-aging measures. In this second part, we will continue the discussion on sunscreen and how it fits into your skincare routine.
When it comes to the application of sunscreen, consistency is the key to everyday protection. Even on days when it feels it may not be necessary, whether you are staying primarily indoors or if it’s a cloudy day outside, UV rays can penetrate through clouds and even windows and other buildings, making consistency all the more important.
For the best way to apply sunscreen, first make sure you are getting adequate protection with a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Afterwards, apply generously to all exposed skin such as your face and neck, don’t forget the smaller areas such as the back of your ears too! For best use, generally reapply sunscreen every two hours and more if you are in water or being active.
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