Returning to our discussion on vitamins, knowing what you are putting inside your body can be just as critical to maintaining your skin’s beauty as what you are applying. In this article, we will discuss more specific vitamins, whether in food or supplementation, and how they can impact your skin!

Vitamin B7: also known as biotin, it is found in eggs, sweet potatoes, and various nuts and seeds. It is essential for healthy skin, nails, and hair through the production of fatty acids. It assists with dry skin and a lack of it can lead to hair loss and brittle nails!

Vitamin C: serving as a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C protects our skin from the sun and its UV rays. Its application can lead to brighter and firmer skin and the reduction of dark spots.

Vitamin K: found in leafy greens, vitamin K can reduce bruising and the dark circles found under eyes. By supporting the body’s natural healing processes, it helps in anti aging effects.

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