In past iterations, we discussed different face masks and the benefits they can provide. We covered various types with different purposes, from exfoliating, to hydration, to anti-aging. In this final part, we will continue to discuss face masks, break them down, and the needs they serve and how they can benefit you!
If you find your skin to be constantly red or inflamed, soothing masks are designed to address this. Typically made with aloe vera or chamomile which assist with soothing irritated or sensitive skin. In a similar manner, brightening masks use vitamin C can help reduce hyperpigmentation and deliver brightened and more even skin tone.
When applying face masks, it is important to follow their recommended usage instructions for each type to ensure the best results. Broadly speaking, it is advised to use a mask between 1-3 times a week depending on your skins needs, making it encouraged to switch them up depending on your needs!
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