How to keep your skin problem-free as the temperatures rise

Summer Skin Care Tips

The months of slush, snow, and arctic temperatures are over here in the Midwest, and spring has sprung! Those of our friends who struggle with itchy and/or dry skin will rejoice; the end of Winter often means the end of your seasonal dryness.

Our skin takes a beating during the Winter, but Spring brings warmer air and more humidity. Here are a few tried-and-true strategies you can use to keep your skin hydrated and problem-free as the temperatures rise.

How To Care For Sun-Kissed Summer Skin


Switch to a lighter moisturizer.

As the weather changes, it’s possible your skin will respond differently than it did just a few weeks ago when it was colder. When the humidity rises, a thicker moisture can become problematic by causing your skin to overproduce its natural oils. To avoid this, we recommend opting for a lighter moisturizer that delivers maximum moisture and protection without being too heavy. Bonus points if it contains SPF!

Don’t skip SPF.

More sun often means more time outdoors, and subsequently, more opportunities for sun damage. SPF becomes that much more important as the sun gets stronger and is out for longer. Even on overcast days– be sure to apply and reapply sunscreen!

No, really. Take sun protection seriously. What many don’t realize is that our skin is more susceptible to sun damage during exfoliation. If you are continuing to exfoliate with products into the warmer months, take sun protection seriously. Bring a hat or umbrella to shield the sun if you’re spending any serious time outdoors.

Apply retinol in the PM.

Everybody loves anti-aging superstar ingredient retinol, but be careful using it in combination with sunlight. Retinol encourages cell turnover, which removes the dead cells, and replaces them with new ones. These are the fresh, new cells that are more likely to burn in sun exposure. You don’t need to eliminate retinol from your skincare routine, just be sure to apply before bedtime.

Schedule regular facials.

Never underestimate the power of facials. As the temperatures rise, dirt and oil become more of a nuisance. Stepping in our appointment room every 4 to 6 weeks means that no matter how busy you get this Spring and Summer you’ll still be deep cleansing and exfoliating regularly.

That’s it! Springtime skincare, relatively speaking, is a breeze compared to other seasons. It’s time to bid adieu to harsh winter temperatures and welcome the boost of humidity that’ll bring an end to dry, cracked skin.

How do you transition your skincare routine during the warmer months?