3 Face Yoga Exercises for Anti-Aging You Can Do At Home


Face Yoga: The New Anti-Aging Practice

It may sound silly, but experts say that face yoga, a series of repetitive facial exercises, can actually help you look up to 3 years younger. Face yoga, popular in Japan initially gained an international following through YouTube tutorials and has now taken the world by storm.

But how does Face Yoga work exactly?

Face Yoga works by simultaneously relaxing muscles that are overworked and activating those that need some perking up. The overall effect? A surgery-free way to minimize fine lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive motions (ie. laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, crows feet, etc.) and lift skin that has begun to sag due to loss of muscle tone! Aside from the glow up, facial exercises also increase blood circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system which supports healthy skin on a cellular level, pushing blood with essential nutrients and oxygen into the skin - helping your body flush out toxins and relieve tension. The five types of wrinkles appear primarily around the eyes, lips, forehead, and neck. Achieve healthy, glowing skin with these simple face yoga exercises designed to tone, lift, and smooth areas of your face.

But before you get started...Wash your hands!

And not just because we're in the midst of a national pandemic. Ensure your hands are clean prior to touching your face to avoid the spread of un-friendly dirt and bacteria. Don’t tug too hard. Avoid tugging on the skin aggressively. We recommend using a facial oil or moisturizer. Make a schedule. Exercise face for 30 minutes intervals, 4-6 times a week for the best results.
Consider combining face yoga with cardio to further boost complexion.
Please note that the videos below have been sped up for educational purposes. Focus on slow and steady movements, about half this speed!

Use These Face Yoga Poses For Anti-Aging Benefits:

Laugh Lines

Good for: Effectively smoothing nasolabial folds (laugh lines), minimizing chubby cheeks, and promoting circulation. Steps:
  1. Place both palms on your cheeks.
  2. Push your palms up and back to lift the sides of your face.
  3. Create some tension by making a slight “O” shape with your mouth and dropping your jaw.
  4. Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat.

Eye Firmer

  Good for: Filling out frown lines, crows feet wrinkles and smoothing under-eye bags. Steps:
  1. Place fingers at your brow-line.
  2. Trace fingers from inside out, toward the temples, applying slight pressure as you move.
  3. Once you reach the end of your eyebrows, lightly dab fingers over the under-eye area.
  4. Repeat

All Over Face Lift

Good for: Lifting and firming complexion, including decolletage, temple, and cheekbone areas as well as smoothing out jaw lines and boosting your overall glow. Steps:
  1. Start by placing both palms on your collar bones.
  2. Stroke the skin upward as you tilt your head backwards.
  3. Move from your decolletage to the top of your head, applying slight pressure as you move.
  4. Repeat. can always free-style! Don’t worry if the steps seem a little confusing at first, the important thing is to get started. Even yoga without a plan activates regions of the face, provides definition, and improves circulation! Have you tried face yoga?  What did you think?