Previously, we began to discuss acne and how it forms. We discussed sebum, a natural moisturizer your skin produces, and how excess production can lead to clogged pores. These clogged pores in turn lead to trapped sebum and dead skin cells, allowing acne to form. In this second part, we will continue discussing acne, what it is, and why it can form.  

For bacteria, one of the most common thats on your skin is propionibacterium acnes, which lead to the formation of pimples. Your immune system, responding to the threat, causes further redness and swelling, making the most visible difference.  

When it comes to development or the worsening of acne, hormonal fluctuations and diet are some of the largest contributors. For teenagers and young adults, hormonal imbalances are a particular notorious cause for severe acne. Further development will, most of the time, clear itself out. By ensuring you are eating a proper diet avoiding an excess of processed foods and oils will lead to less inflammation and mitigate the risk of developing acne.  

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